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ECVP has been held annually since 1978, with a Covid-19 gap in 2020. The following table provides summary information about each meeting. Where available, a link is provided to the meeting website or a meeting archive and to the meeting abstracts. More details about past meetings are available on the Statistics page.
Year Location Dates Organizers Abstracts
2023 Paphos, Cyprus Aug 27-31 Kyriaki Mikellidou, Marios Avraamides  
2022 Nijmegen, The Netherlands Aug 28- Sep 1    Rob van Lier Abstracts
2021  Virtual Aug 22-27   Tiziano Agostini, Marco Bertamini, Claus-Christian Carbon, Cristina de la Malla, Dražen Domijan, Mark Greenlee, Michael Herzog, Brian Rogers, Katherine Storrs, Ian Thornton & Suncica Zdravkovi Abstracts
2019 Leuven, Belgium Aug 25-29 Johan Wagemans Abstracts
2018 Trieste, Italy Aug 26-30 Tiziano Agostini,Alessandra Galmonte, Fabrizio Sors, Mauro Murgia, Carlo Fantoni, Paolo Bernardis Abstracts
2017 Berlin, Germany Aug 27–31 Martin Rolfs, Guido Hesselmann, Marianne Maertens, Florian Ostendorf, Philipp Sterzer Abstracts
2016 Barcelona, Spain Aug 28-Sep 1 Joan López-Moliner Abstracts
2015 Liverpool, UK Aug 23-27 Marco Bertamini, Sophie Wuerger Abstracts
2014 Belgrade, Serbia Aug 24-28 Suncica Zdravkovic Abstracts
2013 Bremen, Germany Aug 25-29 Udo Ernst , Detlef Wegener and Cathleen Grimsen Abstracts
2012 Alghero, Sardinia, Italy Sep 2-6 Baingio Pinna Abstracts
2011 Toulouse, France Aug 28-Sep 1 Simon Thorpe Abstracts
2010 Lausanne, Switzerland Aug 22-26 Michael Herzog Abstracts
2009 Regensburg, Germany Aug 24-28 Mark Greenlee Abstracts
2008 Utrecht, The Netherlands Aug 24-28 Frans Verstraten Abstracts
2007 Arezzo, Italy Aug 27-31 Stefano Baldassi Abstracts
2006 St Petersburg, Russia Aug 20-26 Yuri Shelepin Abstracts
2005 A Coruña, Spain Aug 22-26 Susana Martinez-Conde Abstracts
2004 Budapest, Hungary Aug 22-26 József Fiser Abstracts
2003 Paris, France Sep 1-5 Andrei Gorea Abstracts
2002 Glasgow, UK Aug 25-29 Pascal Mammassian, David Simmons Abstracts
2001 Kusadasi, Turkey Aug 26-30 Andrew Watson, Ulker Tulunay Keesey Abstracts
2000 Groningen, Netherlands Aug 27-31 Frans Cornelissen Abstracts
1999 Trieste, Italy Aug 22-26 Walter Gerbino, Tiziano Agostini Abstracts
1998 Oxford, UK Aug 24-28 Brian Rogers Abstracts
1997 Helsinki, Finland Aug 24-29 Kristian Donner Abstracts
1996 Strasbourg, France Sep 8-13 Birgitta Dresp Abstracts
1995 Tubingen, Germany Aug 21-25 Manfred Fahle
1994 Eindhoven, The Netherlands Jacques Roufs
1993 Edinburgh, Scotland Aug 25-29 Michael Morgan
1992 Pisa, Italy Aug 30-Sep 3 David Burr, Concetta Morrone
1991 Vilnius, Lithuania Algis Bertulis
1990 Paris, France Sep 4-7 Andrei Gorea
1989 Zichron Yaakov, Israel Sep 17-22 Baruch Blum
1988 Bristol, UK Tom Troscianko
1987 Varna, Bulgaria Sep 21-24 Leon Mitrani, Angel Vassilev
1986 Bad Nauheim, Germany Dick Cavonius, Eberhardt Dodt
1985 Peniscola, Spain Mariano Aguilar
1984 Cambridge, England Oliver Braddick
1983 Il Ciocco, Italy Adriana Fiorentini
1982 Leuven, Belgium Guy Orban
1981 Gouvieux/Paris, France Claude Bonnet
1980 Brighton, UK Peter Lennie
1979 Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands Maarten Bouman, Hans Vos
1978 Marburg, Germany Dick Cavonius, John Mollon, Ingo Rentschler, Lothar Spillmann

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