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Venues for future ECVP meetings are decided by those present at the business meeting. By tradition, a venue is selected two years in advance. Proposals for three years hence are also welcome, but not required, and are not decided upon at that time. At the present time, the following venues are approved or proposed.

Year Location Organizer Dates


Tiziano Agostini, Marco Bertamini, Claus-Christian Carbon, Cristina de la Malla, Dražen Domijan, Mark Greenlee, Michael Herzog, Brian Rogers, Katherine Storrs, Ian Thornton & Sun?ica Zdravkovi? August 22-27
2022 Nijmegen, The Netherlands Rob van Lier, Richard van Wezel, Arno Koning, Jaap de Ruyter, Koen Haak, Andrey Chetverikov, Iris Wiegand, Tessa van Leeuwen, Jordy Thielen, Annet Wanders August 28- September 1
2023 Paphos, Cyprus Koulla Mikellidou & Marios Avraamides TBD


If you are a potential future organizer, you may find the Organizers' User Manual useful.

Last updated 2021-11-01