VSAC Bursaries

We recognise that the U.K. may be expensive for some. This year VSAC grants a waving of the registration fees to help students attend the conference. Please apply for this in advance of the registration process. You should also provide one PDF file confirming your student status (e.g. letter on headed paper from your advisor) and providing supporting information explaining why you would like to be considered for funding.

In consideration of the broad appeal of VSAC we have also happy to consider applications from non-students who may be for other reasons in financial difficulties or temporarily without a salary. Please explain in a letter why you would like to be consider for a waving of the registration.

Open: February 1 2015
Closes: April 15 2015

Send application to: sac2015info@gmail

ECVP 2015 Artwork Competition

You may also be interested in the Artwork competition. This year's ECVP t-shirt and booklet cover will result from a graphics competition.

There will be two separate competitions - one for the t-shirt logo and another for the cover of the booklet. Subjects relevant to ECVP 2015 include the conference, Visual Perception, or Liverpool. Innovative designs are highly encouraged.
For more information see: competitions