Option 1

To book a hotel in Liverpool follow this link: resweb_ecvp2015
The dedicated website will let you search hotels and show you on a map how far they are from the venue. On the map the little blue flag is the conference venue. In some cases even if this system says that a hotel is fully booked you may be able to book it directly.

To help you, this is a page with a list of hotels, and if you select 'Liverpool Cathedral' as location you get a list organised by distance from the Cathedral, which is a landmark close to the University campus: List of hotels.
You can reorganise this list by price as well.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can book a room for on-campus accommodation. Vine Court is across the park from the conference venue (less than 5 min walk). The rooms can be booked for either single occupancy or as a double. Breakfast is in the restaurant in the same building.
On the campus map Vine court is number 804 and the conference venue is number 221.
To book follow this link: Vine Court

We believe this campus accommodation is excellent value. However, read the small print as cancellation policy is more strict than a normal hotel.

Option 3

We think that Options 1 and 2 should meet most people's needs. However, if they do not, for example because you are on a really tight budget (or the opposite the hotels listed do not have enough stars for you) then feel free to use other search tools to locate hotels, including cheap hostels if you are on a a budget. Many search tools exist such as and
The campus is not far from the main train station (Lime Street) so there are many options for accommodation. As an example there is a cheap hostel nearby called Hatters (on Mount Pleasant). As another example if you are thinking of an apartment to share instead of a hotel you could try and search ADAGIO Liverpool city centre. Note however these indications are only for general information and not recommendations.


Childcare may be available in the University of Liverpool children's centre. ECVP attendees will need to register their children in advance. Information is available on the following website: