ECVP 2015


25th August 2015 from 6pm

In the context of the city of Liverpool, which is experiencing an exciting and rapid re-growth and transformation, we are delighted to announce an evening event called: Illusions Parade.

The event will be held in the Furnace inside Camp and Furnace, a distinctive venue in the Baltic Area, which is a fine example of the architectural reuse of industrial buildings Liverpool underwent in the last years.

Please, click on to view the event venue

Description of the event

The “Illusions Parade” is linked to ECVP2015 and VSAC2015. It is an exhibition/workshop event open to the public. It will bring together scientists working in the field of visual perception and artists. Scientists, artists and the attendees will exchange knowledge and expertise in perceiving and performing experimental as well as artistic representations of illusions. The event will be in the form of an interactive gallery. The exhibition will include a workshop where artists will involve scientists in the creation of new art pieces. In turn, scientists will gain insights for generating new experimental stimuli. The workshop will be accompanied by the sound of DJ Simon Jones, who will prepare a tailor-made experimental soundtrack for the event (you can listen to some examples here:

Attendance at the event is free. Drinks can be purchased at the Camp and Furnace, which will open its well-known bar for the event.

How to present your work in the Illusions Parade.

To exhibit in the gallery you will need to generate a demo of a visual illusion (if you are a scientist) or an artwork based on perceptual illusions (if you are an artist). Different materials can be used, including: visual/audiovisual platforms, projections, installations, any form of painting and sculpture.

Please submit one pdf file containing:

1) Your name, a brief description of your activity (max 100 words) and your website address (or one useful link to learn more about your work);
2) A description (max 500 words) of one piece of work;
3) Three pictures to illustrate the proposed work. In case your artwork is a video then submit a short preview (max 10 MB).
4) A list of support materials needed for the presentation and a rough idea of the space required. Please, specify size (H, W, L in cm) of your (art)work, if applicable.

Please note that ECVP & Camp & Furnace can provide tables, electrical outlets, some wall space, poster boards and a limited number of projectors and screen upon request. The organizers will try to help you with setting up, but exhibitors will be responsible to bring along any other necessary equipment for their work

Please, send a single PDF file containing the above information and the video (if applicable) to:

Below you can find examples of illusions presented in previous editions of VSAC in Belgrade (Serbia) 2014 and Alghero (Italy) 2012.

If you request further details, please contact:

Letizia Palumbo
(Curator of the exhibition/workshop and DJ set, organization and promotion of the event)

Giulia Rampone
(Curator of space renting, organization and promotion of the event)

8 Water St – The Experiment by Simon Jones
Dot-Art Services
Camp and Furnace
The Bertamini Lab