Talks and Posters

The full programme is available following this link. These pages are generated from within Easychair, and they include clickable links to the abstracts. They also include information about the location of the sessions and more. There was just a minor bug in Easychair that meant that although we entered the data so that Session 2A was in room A and 2B in room B and so on, some of the sessions were renamed by the software. Sorry about that.

The online programme has links to the abstracts. However if you prefer a full pdf file with the abstracts you can download it here: AbstractBook.pdf


Posters are on for a whole day, in the same location where the lunch will be provided. So there will not be any change of posters between morning and afternoon. Presentations, however, are organised in morning and afternoon sessions.

The poster panels are 2.4 meter high x 1 metre wide. This means that A0-posters (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) would fit as portrait and A1-posters (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm) would fit as landscape. However, panels are spaced so that only every other panel has a poster, and they are in a concertina configuration.