Workshops on Sunday August 23rd

The workshops run in parallel to the Sunday Satellite meetings so be aware that you will not be able to attend both the workshop and the satellite meeting.

Introduction to Psychopy (1pm - 5pm)

Room C

This workshop will introduce the basics of how to use PsychoPy and Python for visual neuroscience. PsychoPy is open-source, platform independent, easy to install and learn and provides an extremely flexible platform for running experiments. It has the unique advantage of both a scripting interface (similar to Psychtoolbox but using the Python language) and a graphical interface requiring little or no programming (ideal for teaching environments and standard experiments). We will get you started with both interfaces, and show how the two can be used together by building a basic experiment visually and then customizing it with code. If possible, bring along a laptop with PsychoPy installed so that you can work on exercises live during the workshop.


Registration Fee: 20 pound
Please register together with the Conference Registration (it's one of the options)
It is possible to register to the Workshop even without registration for the Conference.

The application of the SID Information Display Measurements Standard in vision research (1pm - 5pm)

Room B

Following our series of seminars devoted to practical aspects of vision research, this year we are offering a half-day workshop which will provide a theoretical and practical introduction to the Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS - and its application for vision research.
The theoretical session will include an introduction to the complete IDMS, followed by an in-depth discussion of the fundamental measurements that vision scientists should consider making in their own laboratories. The practical session will follow. This will show attendees how to apply aspects of the IDMS by making measurements of their own laptop screen using a new free software Toolbox for MATLAB and instrumentation provided by CRS. The practical session will require attendees to bring a laptop with MATLAB and the latest release of the Psychophysics Toolbox installed (Psychtoolbox-3 - Both sessions are free and open to all registered ECVP attendees.

To register please visit: